Private Lesson Request Form

 To see our fees:

Private lessons are arranged by mutual agreement between students and HCAFC private lesson instructor.

24 hour notice must be given for cancellations.  Tardiness or missed lessons will not be made up, unless extenuating circumstances prevail as determined by the instructor.  To cancel lessons, call the pool 810.626.2279.

Occasionally it may be necessary to change the lesson schedule to accommodate changes in pool scheduling.

Lessons begin promptly on schedule.  In case you arrive late, the instructor will wait ten minutes, after which they may leave.  If you are late, and the instructor is at the pool and available, you are entitled to your remaining lesson time.  You will be charged for the full lesson.

You must sign in for private lessons.

Parents must remain during the lesson.  This is an important safety issue when lifeguards are not present and affords you the opportunity to see your student's progress.

I, for myself, my heirs and assigns, hereby release Hartland Community Aquatic and Fitness Center (its employees and owners), from any claims, demand and causes arising from my participation in the exercise programs.  I fully understand that I may injure myself as a result of my participation in exercise programs and hereby release the Hartland Community Aquatic and Fitness Center from any liability now or in the future.  I understand that private lessons are arranged by mutual agreement of instructor and student.

Entering my name in the following field will act as my electronic signature, indicating I have read, and agree to, the above.